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Indian Independence Day Games & Activities for Kids

Indian Independence Day, which is on the 15th August, is the perfect occasion to celebrate our culture and history with our children. It’s also an excellent opportunity for some creative crafting with your kids!

So why not put aside some time this week to try out some of the great Independence Day activities for kids below, or even try some of the ideas shared on our Pinterest board?

Each fun project uses simple materials and techniques you’ve probably used before, but with a patriotic theme. These Independence Day activities for children draw inspiration from the national wildlife and colours of India (the orange, white, and green tricolour) – and we’ve also got a couple of suggestions for fun Independence Day games too!  

What is Independence Day?

If you have very young kids, you might be explaining Independence Day to your little ones for the very first time this year. Here are a few Independence Day facts you might find useful.

  • Independence Day commemorates the end of British rule in our country on the 15th of August 1947.
  • Come Independence Day, we see a lot of flags waving about! Each portion has a separate meaning: the top third is saffron, for courage and sacrifice; the centre third is white, for peace, purity, and truth; and the lower third is green, for faith, fertility, and chivalry. The navy Ashoka Chakra at the centre of the flag stands for righteousness.
  • It’s not just about patriotism – although flag raisings, songs and the President’s speech on the eve of Independence Day all play a special part in the celebrations and over time it has become a day to celebrate all things in India!

Independence Day Activities for Kids

How to Make a Tricolour Pinwheel

This pretty pinwheel uses all the colours of our national flag! It’s also great fun to play with.

You will need:

A square of white paper; Orange and green felt tip pens; Scissors; A thumb tack; A stick.

  • Fold your paper in half length and width ways. Unfold and fold it again diagonally; do this in in both directions. Unfold it again.
  • Now, use an orange pen to colour the left half of your square, and a green pen to colour the right side.
  • Turn the paper over horizontally.
  • As before, colour the left side orange, this time leaving the triangle in the bottom right corner white.
  • Colour the right hand side green, leaving the triangle at the top left corner white.
  • Turn the paper back over again and then cut along the diagonal folds, stopping approximately 2 cms from the middle – click here to use images of other pinwheels as a guide here.
  • Finally, bend the right hand triangle in each quarter down towards the middle of the square and secure each one in place with the thumb tack.
  • Attach the thumb tack to the stick, and watch the tricolor pinwheel turn in the wind.

How to Make a Peacock Fan

The peacock is the national bird of India, and its elaborate tail feather plumage is just like a fan – making this particular craft a great Independence Day activity for kids. You will need: Two sheets of A4 size paper; Two lolly sticks; Crayons, watercolour paints, glitter, or felt tip pens; A stapler; Adhesive tape.

  • Place the sheet of paper in front of you and fold the length of it backwards and forwards concertina style, with folds about 1.5cm apart. Take your concertina and fold it in half.
  • Now unfold the sheet of paper. Draw peacock eyes between the folds, along the outside of each piece of paper, on both sides – your little ones will love getting messy with paint and glitter! Just make sure everything dries before you attempt the next step.
  • Refold the paper and staple it in the exact centre.
  • Next, tape the lolly sticks down on either side of the central staple, along the length of the paper. An equal length of the sticks should be overlapping the edge of the paper – this will be the fan handle.
  • Next, fan out the paper and staple both sides together at the top. Bring the lolly sticks together at the bottom and tape them to each other. Your fan is complete!

Independence Day Games

Although your kids are likely to moan at the suggestion of any game resembling something like schoolwork, Independence Day is a great time to quiz them on how much they know about their country. There are plenty of printable Independence Day quizzes and word searches available online.

When the weather is wet, indoor board games are good fun – why not invest in a jigsaw puzzle map of India that can be brought out? Chess and Snakes and Ladders were both invented here in India, making them great Independence Day activities for children! Alternatively, you can get active with a lively game of the national sport, field hockey – or the ever-popular game of cricket. You can adapt a large number of outdoor kids’ games to national themes, like the Colour Tag game below.

Of course, there’s no need to be worried about muddy knees and grass stains – just check out our handy stain removal tips to keep clothes nice and clean! 

Colour Tag

With the addition of fun tricolour streamers, this fun Independence Day version of the classic game of tag is exciting for kids to play, and fun for adults to watch!

You will need: 

Coloured tokens or streamers in saffron, white, and green.

  • Each child in the game is given one token or streamer.
  • As with a normal version of tag, one player is ‘it’ and tries to catch the other players.
  • Once they’ve tagged another child, they get to keep the token or streamer that child is holding. Once a player has been tagged, they too get to chase!
  • The winner is the child who manages to pick up all three colours of the Indian flag – saffron, white, and green – first.

What games and activities do you like to do on Independence Day? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Share them with us in the comment box below! Be sure to check out our other article about Independence Day, too! It's full of more great ideas.

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