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Great Christmas Party Ideas, Themes, and Recipes

A Christmas party is a fantastic way to share festive good cheer with friends and family. Why not take inspiration from traditional Christmas stories and films to create a themed Christmas party? It’s sure to be a great success.

Read on to discover our top five Christmas party ideas and have a very happy holiday courtesy of Surf excel.  

How to Throw a Themed Christmas Party

The best themed parties don’t just feature a specially decorated room, food, and invitations; they call for guest participation, too! Make sure your invitees know that they’re expected to dress up, and then you can also offer games that fit in with your chosen Christmas party theme. Here a few suggestions for how to get the most from a party theme:  

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Party

Everyone knows this lovely Christmas story about Santa’s favourite reindeer. Decorate your house with signs pointing to the North Pole and Santa’s grotto. Add the song to your party playlist and ‘join in reindeer games’.

Party activities: ‘Pin the nose on the reindeer’; a gift exchange to underline the moral of the story.

Food ideas: Healthy (reindeer) snacks like carrot and cucumber sticks with different dips, red juice like strawberry or cherry, or milk and reindeer shaped cookies.  

A Christmas Carol Party

Give your party a bit of a spooky twist – everyone can dress up as one of the three ghosts in this classic Dickens tale: the ghost of Christmas past, present, or future.

Party activities: Children could watch the Muppet version of the story, and adults could play themed charades.

Party food ideas: chocolate money given out by an adult dressed as Ebenezer Scrooge, a buffet meal featuring classic British Christmas recipes like trifle or Christmas pudding.  

The Snowman Party

This famous children’s book by Raymond Briggs was made into a classic animated film in the 1980s. It tells the story of a boy whose snowman comes to life. Decorate your home as if it’s the North Pole, invite some snowmen, and add the movie soundtrack to your party playlist.

Party activities: A dancing contest (like the snowmen in the film).

Party food ideas: Fish sticks and peas (like the film!), followed by ice cream or ice lollies.  

The Nutcracker

Take inspiration from Tchaikovsky’s ballet interpretation of this Christmas story to recreate a magical toy kingdom in your home. Little girls will love dressing up as the sugar plum fairy and little boys as tin soldiers!

Party activities: A magical kingdom photo booth – give invitees a festive shot to take home.

Party food ideas: International food inspired by characters from the story: fairy cupcakes, sugar mice, Chinese Spring rolls, and so on.  

The Grinch Party

This well-known story from Dr. Seuss is a good way to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Decorate your home like Whoville and invite little green Grinches to party.

Party activities: A treasure hunt for the Christmas presents that the Grinch has stolen and hidden away.

Party food ideas: Lots of green-coloured food!  

Clearing up afterwards

Don’t let the thought of the aftermath of a party put you off from actually having one! If any spills occur, be sure to check our handy stain removing advice.  

Have you had a Christmas party for your family and friends? Did you have a theme? What kind of food did you serve? Share your experiences with us below!

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