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Colourful candle lanterns spread out.


Whether it’s Indian Independence Day, Diwali or Halloween, there’s nothing like a celebration to bring your loved ones together. At Surf excel, we know how much fun these occasions are for kids – and what great learning opportunities they are. So whether you’re looking for Halloween ideas for kids or some Holi craft ideas, we’ve got plenty of kids party games and activities to inspire you.

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  • Children recycling plastic bottles.
    World Earth Day Contest 2013
    April 22 marks Earth Day, an international event that aims to draw attention to the environmental concerns faced across the world. It’s a great time to find out how you and your kids can help make the world a better, safer place – not only for today, but for future generations as well!
  • Children's outspread hands forming a circle on a grass backdrop.
    Celebrate Onam!
    Celebrate the colourful harvest festival of Kerala with these fun Onam activities for kids!
  • Little boy covering his brother's eyes to surprise him with his birthday party decorations.
    Kids' Birthday Party Tips
    Kids love parties as much as adults do, and they look forward to their birthday parties for weeks or even months! As the years pass by, your kid’s birthday parties will be occasions you will always remember – perfect occasions to preserve in your scrapbook. Organizing such a party requires spending some quality time with […]
  • Two girls blowing coloured powder over each other.
    Birthday Parties for Kids
    Thankfully, every child only has one birthday a year, but it can be a very stressful time for mums! If you plan your child’s birthday celebrations well in advance, though, the party can be fun, affordable, and relatively hassle-free. Birthday Ideas for Your Child Birthday parties come in all shapes and sizes, so you shouldn’t […]
  • Excited children huddling around a birthday cake.
    The Art of the Birthday Cake
    Your child’s birthday is approaching fast – you’ve bought the present, you’ve organized a celebratory meal, but there’s one vital thing left on the ‘to-do’ list: a homemade birthday cake. For many mothers, birthday cakes are a big worry, especially when baking is not one of their strong points. But there’s no need to panic […]
  • A ballet teacher correcting a young girl's feet as they practise in a dance studio.
    Teachers' Day Craft
    Teachers play a huge part in molding our children’s characters ­­– in many cases not just providing them with a factual education, but also with moral guidance, inspiration, and support. The best teachers are role models that we can use as examples to our children, to reinforce the type of behaviour that we ourselves expect. […]

What can we learn from celebrations?

Every celebration has its own history, and taking part is the best way for your little one to learn about different cultures – and their own, too! Whether you’re giving a history lesson through the medium of Indian Independence Day activities for kids or teaching them about different Christmas traditions around the world, there’s a lesson behind every celebration.

Celebrations bring people together, children and adults alike; taking part in a holiday activity together is a great way for people to bond across generations. Why not use our Onam games ideas to get the whole family trying something new, or some Christmas craft ideas for kids as an excuse to get them playing with friends or classmates? You’ll even find great ideas of kids party games to play during the celebrations.

One of the best things about celebrations is that they happen throughout the year. From Holi craft activities that celebrate the Festival of Colour to Halloween ideas for kids and Christmas craft ideas for kids that help celebrate global events, there’ll be no end of inspiration for you and your family each month.