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A boy dressed as a superhero looking into the distance as the sun sets behind him.

Storytelling for kids - meet our young journalists

Kids are very imaginative and have an endearing way of narrating incidents that they see around them. They often bring a whole new perspective to the world around them. Through Surf Excel ‘Nanhe Patrakar’, we gave kids a platform to turn into young journalists and invited them to write articles around 4 headlines, highlighting the role of dirt in their everyday lives.

These headlines covered a wide spectrum of issues like their neighbourhood, their school, the environment and their Daag Acche Hai experience. The response was overwhelming with more than 21300 kids sending across the empty page with their views, ideas, drawings and experiences.

The best 3 inspiring pages were re-created with exact detail and published in Amar Ujjala as real articles.

Storytelling for Kids