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A homemade Father's Day card.

Simple Card Making Ideas for Kids

Homemade cards are an excellent kids’ craft for every possible occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, thank you notes, Holi, Raksha Bandhan – the list is endless! Sometimes making greetings cards is just a good way to get your child to practise drawing, painting, or writing – and making cards is an excellent way for your child to improve their fine motor-skills, too!

Making Homemade Cards

Card making teaches your child about communication and how to express their feelings in a non-verbal way. The simplest cards can be made with basic materials like plain paper and pencils or pens, but don’t be afraid to get messy and use paints, glue, glitter, or other creative materials.

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How to Make Cards

Cards come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t really matter how good the result is – ‘it’s the thought that counts’. But if you want to send homemade cards by mail, you’ll need to think about making them from appropriate materials.

Simple Card Making Techniques

Single sheet cards

  • Make postcards and other dual-sided, single-sheet cards from card stock instead of paper, so they don’t bend or crease. If you use thick paper, coloured pens or paints won’t seep through and be seen on the back of the card.
  • Create the design on one side, and write messages and contact details on the reverse. Make sure that the address is legible – perhaps you could write the address, and your child could write the name of the recipient.
  • Remember to leave a space for a stamp if you’re making a postcard! And always make sure that the cards you make will fit the intended envelope – or perhaps you could make a special envelope, too!

Folded cards

  • The easiest way to make a folded card is to take a sheet of paper or card and fold it in half to create a flap that opens right to left. Then, place a design on the front and write a message on the right side of the interior.
  • Bear in mind, the thinner the paper, the less likely your card will stand up, making it difficult to display it – consider folding paper in quarters to make your card more rigid.
  • If your finished card doesn’t fit into an envelope, consider custom-making a simple envelope yourself, or deliver the card by hand.  

Making Greeting Cards for Kids

Card Making for Kids

Homemade cards are a blank canvas – your child can decorate them any way they want. Designs can be simple or elaborate. Other than drawing and painting, young children can use the following materials to really personalise their card:

  • Stickers
  • Stencils
  • Paper collage – gluing on pictures from magazines, or shapes cut from marbled paper
  • Buttons, beads or plastic jewels – just glue them on the cards.
  • Glitter

Older children could try incorporating the following elements into their homemade cards:

  • Origami elements
  • Creating ‘windows’ in cards by cutting holes in the front, allowing the design on the inside to peek through!
  • Quilling – rolled paper filigree
  • Sewing or lacing techniques

What other card making ideas do you have? Share them with us in the comments below!

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