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Planet Bubbles Painting Game

Children will have such great fun with these painting games, making crater patterns and planets from this simple but effective method.


Painting Materials You Will Need

  • Washing up liquid
  • Straws
  • Liquid poster paint
  • Shallow dish
  • A4 white and coloured paper, sugar or cartridge paper are best


How to Make Planet Bubbles Paintings for Kids

1: Pour washing up liquid into your shallow bowl - 5cm deep 2: Add poster paint, generously. 3: It will need quite a bit of stirring to break down the paint.
4: Go on, BLOW, and BLOW. If it’s slow to bubble, add a drop of water. 5: Blow till the bubbles are way over the rim of the bowl. 6: Place your clean sheet down on the bubbles to squash them.
7: Drop it down. 8: Press down for a good firm print. 9: Lift up straight away - welcome to Planet Bubbles.
10: You can keep on using and using it so everyone has a go. For variation stir the bubbles with the straw to break them down. 11: Now leave to dry and then cut them out and display on dark background.  

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