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A young boy having his face painted.

How to Draw Easy Animal Drawings for Kids

Kids’ drawings often start out looking quite basic. But the older your child gets, the more their imagination will grow, and their ability to draw will develop too. As soon as landscapes and buildings become easy to draw, you know animals and facial expressions will come next. And who do they look to for guidance on how to draw their favourites? Their parents!

We’ve put together this guide to simple drawings for kids so that you know what to do when they ask you how to draw animals. We suggest you teach your child how to draw simple, cartoon animals first – made from a few basic shapes and lines. Leave more realistic renderings for later, when your child’s observational and fine motor skills have matured. Read on to find out how to draw cats, elephants, and horses!  

Drawing for Kids: How to Draw Cats

  1. Draw a large oval body and a smaller rounder head on top.
  2. Draw three lines down the centre of the ‘body’ to form the front legs and draw two feet pointing outwards.
  3. Draw two handle-shaped back legs and a tail curling around the front
  4. On top of the head, draw two triangular ears.
  5. Draw a triangle nose and curly ‘w’ shape to form the shape of the mouth.
  6. Finally, draw two eyes (almond-shaped if you prefer), and then add whiskers from each cheek.

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Drawings for Kids: How to Draw Elephants

  1. Start at the head end of the elephant: draw a large ear as viewed from the side.
  2. Next draw a curving line down from just above the top of the ear to form the front of the face and the trunk. Draw in an eye.
  3. Continue drawing the line round to form a mouth and front of a leg.
  4. Continue the line upwards to form a belly and the back leg.
  5. Connect the top of the head with the top of the back leg and add a tail.
  6. Add toenails and other details for a more realistic picture.

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Drawings for Kids: How to Draw Horses

Horses are some of the hardest animals to draw, so you will need to use a pencil, a pen and an eraser to get the right shape:

  1. First, use the pencil to draw two ovals close to each other, the top one larger than the bottom. This will be the head.
  2. Then, draw two circular shapes to form the front and back haunches of the horse.
  3. Use the pen to connect the outer edges of the circles, giving the horse a neck and a back.
  4. Add facial features, a forelock, and a mane.
  5. Connect the bottom edges of the large circles to form the belly and draw long legs, one behind each other – two at the front and two at the back. Add a tail.
  6. Use the eraser to rub out the pencil marks.
  7. Add a saddle, reins, and other details if you like.

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