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Young boy and girl sticking leaves on paper with glue.

Creating Nature Scrapbooks

Creating nature scrapbooks is a great project to set your kids at the start of the weekend or holiday time. It’s an interesting way to get your kid involved in learning about plants and trees. They can add to this whenever they get out to the park or you go on a walk after a hefty Sunday lunch! Before long, they’ll be curious to find that elusive leaf or berry to complete their collection!

What you need for scrapbooking:

  • A ring-bound scrapbook of thick paper
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
  • Disposable or digital camera

Making nature scrapbooks:

  1. Fill your scrapbook with sketches of the insects you catch each night in your bug catcher
  2. You can also record the leaves you find by placing a piece of paper over them, removing the entire wrapper from a wax crayon and rubbing it over the paper until a perfect print of the leaf becomes visible. You can also do the same with tree bark
  3. Try your hand at nature photography and see if you can snap any local wildlife in action. Local lakes have ducks and fish that will usually pose for a close-up if you take bread along with you!
  4. Find some old magazines and cut out any pictures you see of animals, birds trees, flowers, fish, planets, sun, moon, rivers, mountains, oceans, stones and rocks. Paste them in your own nature book, label each picture and make categories for each kind