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Arts and Crafts for Kids

Art and craft activities are the perfect way to inspire your kids’ imaginations – and get them good and messy in the process! Break out the paint, glitter and even clay and let them get stuck in – this is important for their cognitive development as well as great fun for the whole family, so use our arts and crafts ideas for kids to help you get started.

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  • Homemade Cloud Dough
    Homemade Cloud Dough
    Any chef can tell you that learning new things and trying things out in the kitchen usually requires an important ingredient: a bit of mess! This great activity about making cloud dough is part of a series of international crafts for kids. It is a great activity to try with your little ones, as it […]
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  • Card-Making Ideas for Kids
    Card-Making Ideas for Kids
    Homemade cards are an excellent kids’ craft for every possible occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, thank you notes, Holi, Raksha Bandhan – the list is endless! Sometimes making greetings cards is just a good way to get your child to practise drawing, painting, or writing – and making cards is an excellent way for your child to […]
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  • Easy Origami for Kids
    Easy Origami for Kids
    Origami is great fun for kids! Learn how to make an origami dog or crane with this picture guide.
    • Arts And Crafts
  • The little Story tellers
    The little Story tellers
    Each child has a unique story to tell, and so that’s why we at Surf excel want to encourage story-writing for kids with our new story-telling competition! Children are often considered to be more creative and imaginative than adults. Our little ones can imagine a world of their own where enchanted fairies co-exist with monsters, […]
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  • Painting Competition for Kids
    Painting Competition for Kids
    Read on for more information about the benefits of painting for kids, and find out about Surf excel's latest painting competition for kids!
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  • Little Story Tellers
    Little Story Tellers
    Learning and communication development are integral parts of a child’s life. Right from the time that they are taught alphabets, to the time they learn the nursery rhymes. From the time they first learn to read, to the time when they learn to write with equal ease. However, the component of education that needs more […]
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Find our more about art projects for kids!

Encourage your kids to be as fully engaged as they like with their crafty creations – that means putting your worries about mess aside and embracing it instead. Put old newspaper down on surfaces beforehand, and give them old clothes and aprons to avoid stains. Don’t worry about paint or clay splatters – Surf excel can help with all sorts of stain removal after enjoying arts and crafts for kids.

We have art and craft ideas for kids of all ages, so why not get the whole family involved? As long as you supervise young children around sharp objects like scissors, there’s a crafty project everyone can try, so encourage everyone to make something.

Like most messy play activities, art and craft activities are a great way to add fuel to young imaginations. Drawing, painting and sculpting gives kids’ creativity free rein and helps them discover new ways of expressing themselves.

When you’re doing a project or activity with your little ones, of course you want to help and guide them as much as possible. When it comes to art projects for kids, though, it’s best to avoid acting on these impulses – let them explore their own ideas. Try asking them questions about what they’re working on instead.