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Hi, we’re the Stain Gang! Getting stains in is fun, so we’ve also made getting them out a piece of cake. Our guide to stains gives you handy tips on removing all stains.


Sporty just loves outdoor games, you’ll find him on knees and elbows. His type: Outdoor – grass, mud, grease like stains.

Fruity is sweet and sticky. He likes being sociable and never misses a kids’ birthday party. His type: Drinks -fresh fruits, soft drinks, fruits juices like stain

Inky absolutely adores making a splash! He’s hard to shift once he’s settled in. Belongs on paper, prefers school shirts. His type: Arts & Crafts – glue, ink, water colour like stains…

Picklu is such a slippery character, who loves jumping off forks onto clean white t-shirts. His type: Food – ketchup, pickle, curry like stains

Stinky really smells and just loves hiding in damp, warm places like arm pits. His type: Personal – sweat, lipstick, deodorant like stains

Creamy is funny and messy! He’s yummy and melts quickly leaving his traces everywhere. His type: Milk and Milk products – tea, coffee, chocolate like stains

On every page, including this one, you’ll find the Stain Gang application in the top right corner and you can use this to find lots of cleaning tips for everything from getting grass stains out of your whites to getting paint out of your carpet - there’s all manner of hints and tricks . Simply search for a stain or just click on one the gang.

On this website you’ll find great fun Activities for Kids and lots of information about getting rid of us in our How to Do Laundry  and Cleaning Products sections.

Help us find a new stainWho would you add to the gang?Have we missed a notorious stain? Help us out by drawing or painting the new character you want to join our gang, then scan it into your PC and email it to us. Don’t forget to name the stain!

Stain Gang colouring book

Download our Stain Gang colouring book

Give the gang crazy colours!

Simply download the Stain Gang colouring book (actually it’s sheets of A4!) and watch the kids enjoy colouring them in. And don’t worry if they get all messy – remember, dirt is good!

Download our
Colouring Book