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Hardness of Water in India

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  1. No key given for green region i.e. Delhi and Haryana…what is the quality of water in these two states

    Added September 12, 2014 at, 5:55 pm by Nidhi Gupta
  2. Does this have a bearing on Bathing soaps as well.
    If so what does it mean for a consumer. What soaps should I use ?

    Added September 1, 2014 at, 11:13 am by Krishna Mohan
  3. Dear Soumya. Thank you for writing in. Hard water at home can be a problem while doing laundry. That is when water softeners come into picture. Check out our article that will give you a detailed explanation of the different types of water softeners:

    Added June 3, 2014 at, 9:34 am by surfexcel
  4. please name some of the water softners.

    Added April 28, 2014 at, 5:08 pm by somya
  5. Hi Chandana. Thank you for your query. Adding extra amount of detergent will definitely require you to use more water for rinsing. It is advisable to use water softener before washing clothes in hard water.

    Added April 15, 2014 at, 12:20 pm by surfexcel
  6. Will using extra detergent in hard water not effect rinsing…do we have to Use Lot of water to rinse??

    Added April 9, 2014 at, 5:48 am by Chandana
  7. surf excel daag nahin chodte

    Added August 21, 2012 at, 10:04 pm by sandhya shah

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