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Activities for Kids

Children are always up to something – Check out our kid’s activity ideas on how to keep them entertained when they’re at home, on holiday, or especially when they’re simply under your feet!

In this electronic age of video games and television, parents often wonder and struggle to find a fun activity for kids that help enhance their child’s ability to create and imagine. Surf excel believes in allowing children to get dirty. We have expert activities on gardening, painting, art and crafts showing easy ways to get your children involved, as well as some handy step by step guides. So click on any activities below and discover an artist, a chef, gardener in your little champion. Keep them engaged through holidays, get interesting tips for projects and moreover have fun!

Let us know which activity for kids you’ve tried and what works for you! Some of the games and ideas will also be great for toddlers and preschoolers, although of course all activities need to have adult supervision.

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